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You’re a smart, savvy, tuned-in woman.

And you already know a LOT about food.

You’re well-versed in how to make healthy and nutritious choices.
You can recite the ways to feed and fuel your body in your sleep.
And you know the importance of putting whole, real foods on your plate.

Why do you still feel confused & frustrated (even guilty) about what you eat?
Why does every meal seem like a source of stress & pressure?
Why do you struggle to “control” your cravings?

Because the truth is: it’s not just about the food.

Don’t get me wrong. What you eat is an essential ingredient to living a deliciously healthy life. But, it’s only part of the nutrition equation.

The missing piece?

YOU and your FOOD STORY!

What’s a food story? It’s an inner narrative crafted by a lifetime of experiences, associations, and feelings we have as eaters. It’s the origin point of our struggles… with food, cravings, body image, self-worth, and more.

We all carry these “stories” within ourselves. They cycle like broken records in our minds and hearts, influencing our eating habits, and the way we treat our bodies and ourselves. And they’re hard to shake.

Here’s the good news: discovering your Food Story is the secret ingredient to breaking that pattern! It’s the key to turning all that guilt, stress, and frustration into a whole new way to savor and love yourself, and shift your approach to nourishing your body.

I’m Elise Museles—a Certified Eating Psychology and Nutrition Expert. I’ve helped thousands of women learn how to recognize the Food Stories that keep them stuck, stressed or scared (or all three), while teaching new ways to eat and live that nourish from the inside out.

I’m here to help you discover: There IS a way to fall in love with your kitchen, your food, and most importantly—yourself.

Together, we can transform your Food Story into one of deep nourishment, radiant health and absolute scrumptiousness!

Work with me, cook with me, or just talk with me. It’s time to create your happy, whole & healthy Food Story… starting NOW!

With love, kale, and chocolate, too!

Elise Museles

I am fortunate to be the beneficiary of two of Elise's areas of expertise. As a yoga classmate, she is an inspiration, making even the most challenging poses look effortless. That was my first introduction to Elise. Earlier this year I came to know her as a nutritional health coach as well. For the most part, I already had a pretty sound knowledge of the basics as far as nutrition and good eating habits go - but Elise has helped to expand that knowledge exponentially. I have attended a program Elise put on with another nutritionist, have been a participant in a teleseminar when she interviewed one of her mentors, and have heard her speak several times in a group workshop setting. I also read Elise’s insightful weekly newsletters and religiously download the innovative recipes. And last but not least, I have had informal tutorials when our schedules have overlapped at Whole Foods. I now feel healthier and just better, with considerably more energy. Now, if I could just stand on my head...

Carol, Specialty Trust Advisor & Devoted Yogi Practitioner


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