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7 Things I Want for My Birthday That Aren’t Things

It’s my birthday! While January birthdays can sometimes get lost in the winter holiday shuffle and end up feeling like an afterthought, I’m making sure to set aside a little time to celebrate with my family and acknowledge my gratitude for what’s passed and excitement for what’s to come. Sure, my inner 10-year-old is looking […]

How to Choose Your Word of the Year {+ A Giveaway!}

What if planning for 2016 felt thrilling? Exciting? Fun and invigorating? I don’t know about you, but when I was in the habit of making yearly resolutions, they most certainly did not feel like that. For me, coming up with my New Year’s promises to myself was more like an exercise in shame and disappointment; it […]

December’s Tiny Change: Move Your Body Every Day

If you’re just joining us, this post is part of the year-long #12tinychanges challenge. Each month we’re implementing one super small, super doable change—over a year it really adds up! You can read about it here and share your progress on Instagram with the hashtag #12tinychanges. (Did I mention that there are lots of theme-related […]

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Tons of Love + Zero Guilt {recipes}

It’s nearly Thanksgiving! A day for family, love, and gratitude and (if we’re not extra careful) eating till we’re uncomfortably full…and oftentimes feeling guilty about it. This year, we’re having none of that. We’re going to eat the food we love while feeling nurtured and supported. We’re going to leave the food guilt by the door […]

November’s Tiny Change: Get More Sleep

If you’re just joining us, this post is part of the year-long #12tinychanges challenge. Each month we’re implementing one super small, super doable change—it really adds up over the course of a year! You can read about all the changes here.  By now, you probably know that you should be getting more sleep. In fact, […]

The Truth About Liking Yourself + Why It Matters

A few days ago, I had just come in from a run and was doing my early morning stretch-and-Instagram scroll when I came across this startling image on my friend Sarah’s Instagram page. In it, you see a young woman on a train. She’s staring into the middle distance and on the wall next to […]

12 Tiny Changes to Make the Next Year Amazing

September always feels like the beginning of a new year, doesn’t it? There’s an energy in the air as the kids head back to school and we adults buckle down at work. Just like that other new year, many of us view September as an opportunity to make big changes. More exercise! Fewer refined carbs! […]

How a Healthy Gut Can Change Your Life

Have you heard the term microbiome? Up until about a year ago, I hadn’t really either. But when Dr. Robynne Chutkan—a close friend and one of the most recognizable gastroenterologists in America—initially told me about her book on the microbiome and asked me to create and contribute 70 (!) recipes, I quickly learned why we […]

Are You Hiding in Your Busy? (I was.)

I’m dreaming of big, big plans for my summer. What kind of big plans? Long afternoons spent on the deck, nibbling on a watermelon popsicle or sipping on a strawberry shortcake smoothie. Reading a real book that isn’t non-fiction (or self-help!). Saturdays devoted to Cadence and Monty and one very, very long game of fetch. […]

How to Love Exercise

Have you ever jumped out of bed with a smile on your face thinking, “Hooray! I can’t wait to run five miles! And what luck – it’s overcast and windy!” No? Me neither. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me pretzeled into yoga poses or preaching the gospel of exercising even when it’s cold […]

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