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How to Finally Slow Down. It Will Change Your Life.

I’m busy. You’re busy. We’re all busy. Sometimes it feels like there’s a giant competition to see who’s the most overwhelmed and stressed out. The finish line of to-dos and commitments is often so far out of sight that even though we crave down time, being busy has become somewhat of a badge of honor. […]

What Is Hygge and How to Create It All Year Long

Picture this: It’s Friday night. You’ve had a long week, and you’re so ready to relax, but you made fun plans with your girlfriends months ago. You’ve been looking forward to visiting a trendy new spot in town together, but tonight, all you can think about is going home, curling up on the couch with […]

5 Unexpected Ways to Get Centered Without Meditating {Giveaway}

Let’s be honest: We’re all curious about successful people. What are their secrets? How do they do it? Here’s one clue, and it’s something that Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah, Arianna Huffington, and Russell Simmons have in common: they all swear by meditation. But it’s not just A-listers who rely on meditation for sanity and stability. It’s […]

Why You May Need to Disconnect to Reconnect

I’m writing to you from one of my favorite places on earth. It’s not a beautiful Italian villa, tucked in the Tuscan hills or a luxurious spa on a tropical island. This beloved vacation spot is dusty, remote and, well, it smells like horses. Every summer for the past 11 years, my family spends a […]

Are You Hiding in Your Busy? (I was.)

I’m dreaming of big, big plans for my summer. What kind of big plans? Long afternoons spent on the deck, nibbling on a watermelon popsicle or sipping on a strawberry shortcake smoothie. Reading a real book that isn’t non-fiction (or self-help!). Saturdays devoted to Cadence and Monty and one very, very long game of fetch. […]

Feeling Guilty After You Eat? Try This.

Why do food and guilt go hand in hand? Does this sound familiar… I feel GUILTY when: Indulging in unhealthy foods Eating when I’m not really hungry Making poor food choices Indulging in comfort foods Munching on sweets Looking in the mirror And that guilt you feel? It puts your entire life on hold.  Not […]

Delicious Kindness: 5 Ways to Treat Yourself Right

To kick off our New Year together, I have one simple question for you: Are you deliciously kind to yourself? I know, I know. I have already asked you this very same question at one time or another. But, here’s what I know to be true: We make a ton of promises to be deliciously kind […]

Why You Should Take It Easy (Seriously)

Scientists & researchers around the globe applaud the benefits. Philosophers & spiritual leaders have been promoting it for centuries. It revs up your metabolism, skyrockets your energy, and boosts your self-confidence. And just a little more of it can transform your whole life – in a beautifully positive way. Nope – it’s not a pill, […]

Say Goodbye to 2012 with Some Holiday Greens

As we bid farewell to 2012, I want to thank YOU, the growing and evolving Kale & Chocolate Community. Thank you for opening your minds and making rainbows on your plates (focusing on green, of course). Thank you for taking the time to cook, then sit and savor your meals. Thank you for embracing the […]

The Evolving Kale & Chocolate Manifesto

Lately, my entries here on K&C have been a bit more personal. I must admit, I was shy at first. How can I expose my vulnerabilities? Why do they care about the lessons my dog has taught me about life?  Or will it resonate with my readers that I have a hard time not being […]

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