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October’s Tiny Change: Eat an Awesome Breakfast Every Day

If you’re just joining us, this post is part of the year-long #12tinychanges challenge. Each month we’re implementing one super small, super doable change—over a year it really adds up! You can read about all the changes here and share your progress on Instagram with the hashtag #12tinychanges. (Did I mention that there are lots of theme-related GIVEAWAYS […]

Confessions from My Imperfect Kitchen to Yours

Are we friends on Instagram? If we are, you’ve probably seen my colorful breakfasts (well-lit, in pretty wooden bowls). Maybe you’ve noticed my sweet fluffy assistants or my artfully arranged salads. If you’ve ever looked at those images and thought “Well, I can’t make my meals look like that! Might as well bury my sorrows in […]

Breakfast Is Served {Recipes}

Good morning, sunshine. I know you have to make a mad dash out the door to get the kids off to school or cram in a morning run before you show up at the office. Breakfast? What’s that? Oh, the thing that our mothers always said is “the most important meal of the day.” If […]

Healthy Comfort Foods? Recipes Right Here

Can you smell the freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, warm & gooey right from the oven? Do you love dipping your fork into a rich & creamy plate of mac & cheese? Nothing beats the cozy goodness of your favorite comfort foods. These savory or sweet delights not only tantalize our taste buds, but they also […]

A Feast to Remember {Recipes Included}

Are you ready to enjoy the traditions of Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday feast you have coming up this season) with a modern & healthy twist? While I am not suggesting that you forget about your Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie or your mother-in-law’s rich, buttery stuffing, I’m here to offer some inspiration to update your menu […]

Freaked Out By Recipes? Get Flexible with Customizable No Bake Energy Bars

When you come across a recipe with a word or food you don’t recognize, or a list of ingredients that require another pricey trip to the grocery store, do you think: “This is too complicated?” “I’m not a chef.” “I don’t even like cardamom!” Then what happens next? You probably lose all inspiration, and stick with […]

Go Ahead and Eat Dessert {Recipe}

Ahhh, dessert.  Isn’t that reserved for the days when you “deserve” it or have been so “good” that you just need to be “bad”?  Or maybe it’s something you splurge on…and then beat yourself up for going off your plan?  Or perhaps you get mad at yourself for even craving a gooey caramel brownie because […]

The Go Green Challenge Is On {Recipes Included}

It’s that time of year again.  Spring renewal, warmer weather, lighter food… and time for me to serve as your friendly reminder to EAT YOUR GREENS.   So I’m bringing back the “7-Day Go Green Challenge”.  If you were a part of it last year, I’ve added different recipes to keep you inspired. I’ve also included […]

How to Avoid the Make-It-Then-Break-It New Year’s Resolution Pattern

I have a close friend who I absolutely love, but every year she blurts out exactly the same New Year’s Resolution in exactly the same believable tone. “This is my year to get my act together for myself and my family.  We’re going to finally get healthy.” She means it with all her heart and has […]

Spice It Up!

It’s cold outside, and I’m feeling chilled to the bone.  What is a California native living on the east coast to do? I started to play around with some simple spicy solutions to warm me up and keep those cravings for heartier comfort foods at bay.  So, not only am I feeling hot, but I […]

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