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Feeling Guilty After You Eat? Try This.

Why do food and guilt go hand in hand? Does this sound familiar… I feel GUILTY when: Indulging in unhealthy foods Eating when I’m not really hungry Making poor food choices Indulging in comfort foods Munching on sweets Looking in the mirror And that guilt you feel? It puts your entire life on hold.  Not […]

Nature Knows Best: Eat the Rainbow

We can carve out one thousand excuses before we decide to eat food our body craves, needs, and loves. “After vacation.” “When I’m not working such long hours.” “When the kids go to summer camp.” “When I make more money.” “When I get back to my gym routine.” But one excuse will become another and […]

Ever think, “I should really do that?” Read this.

There’s an epidemic going around. A community arising – and it’s neither pretty nor healthy. It centers on a single, simple phrase: “I should…” I lovingly refer to this movement as the “should-ers”. They’re people who can’t help but succumb to “should” thinking, every. single. day. “I should count the carbs on my plate and […]

Is Your Diet Your Religion?

Is eating bread a sin? Will consuming a piece of chicken buy you a ticket to purgatory? A box of chocolate truffles. Uh oh. Straight to hell. Sure, these are extreme examples. But, let’s examine the common patterns of thought that people can fall into when they follow popular diets. Oftentimes, they treat the way they […]

Delicious Kindness: 5 Ways to Treat Yourself Right

To kick off our New Year together, I have one simple question for you: Are you deliciously kind to yourself? I know, I know. I have already asked you this very same question at one time or another. But, here’s what I know to be true: We make a ton of promises to be deliciously kind […]

21 Ways For More Peace & Ease

We’re down to the wire with just a little over three weeks left of this year. (How did that happen?) As 2013 comes to an end, you might be feeling the stress of the hectic holiday season and the all-too-familiar pressure of having an even better 2014. Maybe you’re down on yourself for not following […]

Feel “Good Enough” For The Holidays & Always

A client came to me and said, “It’s all downhill from here.  With the candy in the house and the signs of the holidays around the corner, I’m doomed.  I never end up feeling good about myself. Ever.” She got me thinking: this is supposed to be the season of celebration and joy, yet so […]

How My Dog with Cancer Taught Me About Life

Once upon a time, I was the lone girl in an all-boy household. It was my husband, our two sons, our dog Harley, and then me. Make no mistake, I love my guys – but sometimes being the only woman in the house can be tough. Finally, in late 2000, my girl arrived. She had […]

Go Ahead and Eat Dessert {Recipe}

Ahhh, dessert.  Isn’t that reserved for the days when you “deserve” it or have been so “good” that you just need to be “bad”?  Or maybe it’s something you splurge on…and then beat yourself up for going off your plan?  Or perhaps you get mad at yourself for even craving a gooey caramel brownie because […]

The Missing Piece of The Nutrition Puzzle

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always gotten. If you want to get out of the eternal spin cycle when it comes to your challenges with eating, if you want to feel a sense of freedom and victory, then it’s time for a new strategy. ~Marc David, The Institute for […]

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