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How My Dog with Cancer Taught Me About Life

Once upon a time, I was the lone girl in an all-boy household. It was my husband, our two sons, our dog Harley, and then me. Make no mistake, I love my guys – but sometimes being the only woman in the house can be tough. Finally, in late 2000, my girl arrived. She had […]

Do You Think Too Much?

It was 2 AM. The whole family was sound asleep while my third cup of green tea was slowly getting cold next to my laptop. I’d been squinting into my computer screen for hours like my life depended on it. It was a big-time project I’d been working on, and my deadline was just around […]

How To Tell If Perfectionism Is Getting In Your Way

Not too long ago… I threw in the towel. I know. Maybe not the best way to start a blog post – but it’s the truth. It was a concept in its infant stages. I realized how much I absolutely loved sharing my story and discussing perfectionism, and how the message of learning to let […]

Are You Waiting for the Perfect Moment?

There is never a perfect moment.  There will always be something potentially standing in your way, if you let it. How often do you feel excitement about beginning a new project but then tell yourself,  “I’ll do it later when the time is right” or “when all the stars align” or “when it just makes more […]

When Life Throws You Curve Balls

I can’t believe I’m writing this news. A couple of months ago, I shared my wonderful dog Willow’s story with you – how her cancer taught me incredible lessons on life, love, and letting go. She’s still with us, showing us her unconditional love…and I’m still learning. But this isn’t about my girl. It’s about […]

You Can Change Your Mind

I love my time that I spend on my 6’ x 2’ yoga mat.  It’s a space I look forward to being in as often as my schedule permits. I go to the type of classes that are jam packed with wall-to-wall people. You’re only a few inches from your neighbor. It’s hot (around 100 […]

Say Goodbye to 2012 with Some Holiday Greens

As we bid farewell to 2012, I want to thank YOU, the growing and evolving Kale & Chocolate Community. Thank you for opening your minds and making rainbows on your plates (focusing on green, of course). Thank you for taking the time to cook, then sit and savor your meals. Thank you for embracing the […]

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