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Declutter Your Space. Declutter Your Mind.

“Stuff.” We all have it, and let’s be honest: it’s fun to acquire new clothes, kitchen gadgets, and tech. But what happens when all that fun “stuff” starts to weigh you down? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a look around you. Are your drawers stuffed to bursting? Can you easily find your favorite pair of jeans […]

Why You May Need to Disconnect to Reconnect

I’m writing to you from one of my favorite places on earth. It’s not a beautiful Italian villa, tucked in the Tuscan hills or a luxurious spa on a tropical island. This beloved vacation spot is dusty, remote and, well, it smells like horses. Every summer for the past 11 years, my family spends a […]

Are You Hiding in Your Busy? (I was.)

I’m dreaming of big, big plans for my summer. What kind of big plans? Long afternoons spent on the deck, nibbling on a watermelon popsicle or sipping on a strawberry shortcake smoothie. Reading a real book that isn’t non-fiction (or self-help!). Saturdays devoted to Cadence and Monty and one very, very long game of fetch. […]

From Dull to Delicious: A Food & Attitude Makeover {Recipes}

Can a single question at the right time shift and shake your world as you’ve always known it? Yes. It can. And for me, it did. I still remember the moment as if it were just last night, despite the decade that has passed. I had just sat down to dinner at a NYC hot […]

How to Bust Through Your Comfort Zone {Recipe}

THE SCENE: Standing at the base of a vast & beautiful coastal mountain in Southern California about to embark on an exciting challenge: hiking 13 miles … straight uphill to the top. Homemade trail mix fills my pockets, sunscreen coats my skin, and my hiking shoes are tightly laced. I peer around and smile at the […]

Ease Your Anxiety: The Art of Entertaining {Recipes}

I think we can all agree that entertaining, especially for a large crowd, is not for the faint of heart. As pleasurable as parties and events can be, the preparation and anticipation is often completely nerve-wracking and stress inducing. Imagine throwing a lunch gathering in your home, where all 30 of your guests are deeply immersed […]

Ever think, “I should really do that?” Read this.

There’s an epidemic going around. A community arising – and it’s neither pretty nor healthy. It centers on a single, simple phrase: “I should…” I lovingly refer to this movement as the “should-ers”. They’re people who can’t help but succumb to “should” thinking, every. single. day. “I should count the carbs on my plate and […]

Tell Me Your Story

I’ve always been fascinated by my client’s stories. Although each has its own unique flavor, there is a common thread – a quiet battle stirring. Women on one side. Their food and bodies on the other. No matter how successful, smart, or savvy these women are, they all have stories they tell themselves about food […]

Does Your Health Need A Few Shades of Grey?

Most “get healthy” plans start with a virtuous proclamation. It may sound something like: “I’m never, ever, ever, ever going to eat sugar again.” “I’m going to hit spin class every day – without fail!” “I’ve completely sworn off my morning latte… forever.” And, inevitably these thoughts backfire. Sometimes it takes months, weeks or even […]

21 Ways For More Peace & Ease

We’re down to the wire with just a little over three weeks left of this year. (How did that happen?) As 2013 comes to an end, you might be feeling the stress of the hectic holiday season and the all-too-familiar pressure of having an even better 2014. Maybe you’re down on yourself for not following […]

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