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5 Things to Know About Bloating {Giveaway}

Bloating is an epidemic that, for many of us, has no identifiable cause and is a source of chronic discomfort. Who hasn’t been plagued with that uncomfortable weighed-down feeling and wondered why? Understanding what’s behind that suffering is the key to deflating for good. After all, let’s be honest: we all want to have a […]

How a Healthy Gut Can Change Your Life

Have you heard the term microbiome? Up until about a year ago, I hadn’t really either. But when Dr. Robynne Chutkan—a close friend and one of the most recognizable gastroenterologists in America—initially told me about her book on the microbiome and asked me to create and contribute 70 (!) recipes, I quickly learned why we […]

Happy Birthday to Me! 7 Things I Learned This Year

Imagine me sticking a candle into a healthy chocolate truffle (or two), taking a deep breath, making a birthday wish, and blowing it out. As you read this, I’m celebrating another year on earth in the best way I know how: a long run with these two, a quiet morning with my teapot in a […]

How To Prevent A Bloated Belly From Weighing You Down

All of us have had those days when we feel a little off, bloated and just weighed down.  I know that when I have those days, it affects my mood, my energy and my overall sense of wellbeing. My guess is that you can relate. Here’s the good news: my close friend and one of […]

Coming Clean on Cleanses (plus a special offer)

The other day I walked into yoga and my friend who follows the most natural and clean diet said, “with fall in the air and the change of seasons, I am ready to try a cleanse.”  She wanted my opinion.  I then was in the grocery store and ran into a client who told me […]

Banish the Bloat

Let’s talk about a condition that most of us experience but are often shy about discussing. I know that the subject (and more likely the feeling) of bloating is plaguing us this time of year.  With all the festivities and parties to celebrate the holidays, it is inevitable that our bodies will respond to a […]

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