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Learn what our nourished clients have to say: 

We’re all so busy in today’s modern life and eating healthy can be a challenge. Elise helped me and my family learn how to create simple, healthy, delicious recipes that remind us to pause and mindfully appreciate what fuels our body.  Elise is a rock star in my house.  My girls love  “eating the rainbow” each day, reinventing breakfast with smoothie bowls, and savoring her flavorful truffles. Working with Elise is inspiring, fun and energizing!

Heather White, Environmental Advocate and former Executive Director of EWG

Working with Elise has led me to a complete personal revolution…

Elise has a very intuitive way of finding tactics and ideas to integrate into your life that will get you excited about your health and wellness. Her approach makes you an actively engaged partner in acheiving your goals, with the guidance of a supportive professional and wealth of knowledge. Working with Elise has led me to a complete personal revolution in how I think about myself, my relationship with food, and my health. She helped me to understand the core of my issues, really tune into my needs, and find a solution that would work with my rigorous schedule as an active triathlete and working consultant. Elise taught me how to listen to my body, quiet my mind, and make informed, nourishing choices about what I eat. I feel better than I ever have before, I feel fueled for my workouts, and my dark circles have disappeared completely. I feel vibrant and nourished, and best of all… I love what I see in the mirror. Thanks, Elise!

Leslie, Triathlete & Hard-Working Consultant

Elise’s approach to food is innovative and fun. She created the amazing recipes for my books Gutbliss and The Microbiome Solution, showing us all how super delicious improving gut health can be!

Robynne Chutkan, MD & New York TImes bestselling author

My family experienced an amazing cooking class with Elise. She helped my teenage kids learn to make delicious  and nourishing smoothie bowls, breakfast bars, veggie dips, guacamole, and the yummiest overnight oats! We all had a great time learning how to stock the pantry with healthy snacks and creative make ahead foods. Elise is engaging and understands how to tailor a presentation to meet varying family members’ needs perfectly. My daughter Catherine is a vegan, and Elise came up with balanced alternatives for her while my son Jack needed foods to support all his workouts. Hire this woman! Elise knows her stuff and makes cooking and healthy living such fun!

Ellie, working mom of teenage kids

Elise helped take my knowledge on nutrition to a deeper level that I could apply to my life right away.

Elise's teaching style is not only easy to understand but also fun to learn. The messages resonated for me, in part because of Elise's impressive knowledge, but also because of her willingness to share her own well thought out and educated opinions. I've been integrating what I learned into my home and daily living, and I am thrilled with the results. I am excited for this improved lifestyle of mine. I am thinking clearer and have eliminated my brain fog. I have more energy, and the weight is coming off. Basically, I feel amazing all around, which has caused a ripple effect in my personal and professional life. Elise gave me the tools I needed to look and feel my very best, which as I learned, starts from the inside. Thanks Elise, really truly!

Eva, Get Nourished Participant & Director of Operations for a Vitamin/Supplement Company

I first met Elise inside of  Whole Foods – I couldn’t get enough of what she had to say during that initial encounter … and I still can’t get enough after having worked with her both one-on-one and in her virtual program, SAVOR. Before I met Elise I was very stringent with what I ate; I was a pseudo-vegan, depriving myself of foods I sometimes craved.  Then, I would spend time feeling guilty about it. Elise helped me realize how limited and monotonous my food intake was and how this was leading to my cravings, binges and subsequent nutrient deficiency. After working with Elise, I now have a long list of new foods to try, the wisdom to trust my body, and innovative ways to feel vibrant & alive. I have learned to fill myself up with the right foods that give me enough energy and satisfaction to keep up with my hectic life.  The good news is that I have also lost the need to binge.

Elise is incredibly thoughtful and focuses so much of her attention to personalizing a plan – making sure it really worked for ME. As a medical student, I spend much of my time rushing around or cramming at my desk. There is a less than desired amount of time to plan my meals and tediously prepare them. Elise has armed me with effective tools and short cuts that allow for quick, transportable and nutrient-rich meals. Not only have I reorganized my pantry and recipe repertoire, but I also have changed the way that I think about food and my body. I know these shifts will continue to stay with me for life. Thank you, Elise!

Saman, Medical Student & Transformed Eater

Elise has changed my life!! As a forty-five year old woman who has battled my weight since my teens, I've seen countless nutritionists and been on hundreds of diets. While I've had some success, it's always been a daily struggle to maintain my weight and control my carb cravings. Since I started working with Elise, I've been eating healthier foods, I have more energy, my cravings are gone and I'm at my lowest weight in 15 years!!! Elise is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition. Instead of giving me a generic weight loss plan, she really listened to me and customized a plan according to my body chemistry, daily life and individual nutritional requirements. She has shared many amazing recipes that are healthy, filling and easy to make. Even my 2 1/2 year old twins are happily drinking green smoothies and eating quinoa!  The best thing about Elise is that she has provided me with something that no other program or nutritionist has been able to offer: a healthy way of eating that I can continue for the rest of my life.  Thanks so much, Elise. You're amazing!!!

Nancy, Hard-Working Lawyer & Mother of Twin Toddlers

Before working with Elise, I had tried a lot of things. I did South Beach, and I tried protein shakes, and all varieties of low calorie foods. I was completely addicted to Splenda! But I wasn’t making any progress, and I didn’t have any energy to do anything but sit on my couch at the end of the day. Looking back, I can honestly say that I was miserable. Elise helped me find a path to clean eating that works for me, and fits into my life, without a constant feeling that I am somehow depriving myself of something better. After all, I am eating real food! There really isn’t anything better.

It was also very important to me that this become a way of life, and not just a constant annoyance to my friends because of a “special diet” full of restrictions. Elise understood me completely and helped me learn to make smart choices about the food I eat. I don’t count calories anymore, but I have lost 10 pounds so far, have more than enough energy to hit the gym 5 days a week, and can still stay out on the dance floor until the lights come on. I absolutely love the way I feel!

Lesley, Program Manager & Reinvigorated Health Enthusiast

Elise has given me practical, actionable ways to improve my diet – and to relax a little more while doing so. When I first started with Elise, I had a pretty good idea of what I “should” be doing and was very hung up on getting it all “right.” Elise gave me concrete examples of recipes, foods and eating strategies for work and travel. That in combination with her “be good to yourself” approach inspired me to create strategies that have not only paid off but have also helped me feel calmer and a lot less stressed!

Jane, Attorney & Happy Client

I started working with Elise because despite knowing about 98% of what I need to know to make healthy and balanced food choices, particularly as a vegetarian, I was struggling to get my daily nutritional composite to feel complete. My energy levels were also suffering.  I needed someone who could figure out that remaining 2% with me; I needed someone who knew what my real life as a full-time working mother, with a demanding job and a busy day-to-day, looks like, and what it means to shape smart eating habits around that reality; I needed someone who could get into the nooks and crannies of my nutritional picture and figure out where I could make productive changes that would get me back to feeling high-energy, balanced, and lighter in all ways.  I found what I was looking for in Elise and after several months of working together, I feel more in control of the picture and like I have gained a friend and a partner who I can rely on in moments when I need my nutritional compass re-calibrated again!

Rebecca, Energized DC-based COO

Before I started working with Elise, I had the hardest time eating healthy and feeling good in my body. I might have a few days or a week of eating in a way that provided me with energy, but inevitably, I would lapse back into old patterns. Elise taught me simple ways to make nourishing meals that are both satisfying and tasty. She gave me permission to not be so rigid around food and encouragement to change up my recipes instead of just making it one way all the time. Because of Elise, my body now talks to me. Or maybe, it always did, but now I hear what my body is saying.  I have slowly integrated these changes that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I am so grateful that I found Elise and a whole new way to think & live.

Melinda, Bank Executive & Transformed Client

Elise Museles is a dynamic, engaging speaker who brings real-life, practical tips to her audience. Elise is extremely knowledgeable, not only about her subjects – nutrition and wellness – but also about what keeps many of us from eating well and feeling good. She has a keen understanding of daily stress and the obstacles to a healthy lifestyle. With personal anecdotes, energy and enthusiasm, as well as recipes to sample, Elise can motivate even the most reticent listener into sampling one of her tasty creations and trying one of her innovative healthy habits. The Children’s Inn is grateful to Elise for sharing her expertise with families through the Creative Kitchen Series, offering easy-to-make recipes and useful guidance.

Fern, Director of Development & Public Relations at The Children's Inn at NIH

I took Elise's Get Nourished Program, and I absolutely loved it!

Even though every class was organized and well thought out, there was also time for personal attention. From the handouts to the recipes to the questions that really made us reflect, the class went much deeper than just learning the basics of nutrition. Of course, I loved trying all the different foods and then going home and making the delicious and easy recipes. But, I really took my health and energy to the next level when I followed her "Green Challenge" - adding more greens to every meal. Since the program, I have made this a priority and can absolutely notice the difference. I am satisfied after every meal, my digestion is much more regular, and my skin looks clearer. Most importantly, I feel more at peace with food and like I am nourishing myself in a whole new way. I can't wait to sign up for another one of Elise's programs.

Lisa, Get Nourished Participant

Elise, I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to the Inn and tell you how much fun the kids (and parents) had cooking and learning about all the colors of the rainbow. I learned about kale (we have had it several times since we were there) and green smoothies and just had a wonderful experience cooking together.  Thank you so much for giving of your time and knowledge to the families staying at the Inn.  Please know that these opportunities are a bright light during a difficult time.

Mother of brave patient from The CHildren’s Inn at NIH

Elise has taught me so much about how to embrace, confront, and transform my perfectionistic tendencies into positive and healthy energy. She provided me with practical solutions which I could immediately apply to my lifestyle. I wish I had this knowledge years would have saved me from all the time & energy I spent trying to do everything so 'perfectly'.  Now, I am comfortable making decisions by following my instincts and trusting my intuition.

Jenny, Ceramic Artist & Web Guru 

I originally contacted Elise with the idea that she would come into my home and help to advise my three daughters (ages 10, 13, and 16) on taking care of themselves with healthier eating habits and a deeper understanding of nutrition.  Elise gave my girls an afternoon filled with hands-on tips for integrating health-promoting colorful foods by preparing beautiful rainbow salads and creating smoothies and snacks to nourish them and give them lasting energy.  We literally witnessed my oldest daughter go from listless to lively after consuming Elise's samples of whole, real foods!  

Following the afternoon with my girls, Elise turned to me and asked, "What about you?"  I thought I had the nutrition-thing down.  I had read all the books and attended endless workshops on eating well.  But, I was willing to see what Elise could offer.  In a series of one-on-one sessions, I learned a tremendous amount and changed my habits for the better.  I added healthy greens and delicious recipes to my routine that have given me more energy and a stronger and better body than ever before.  I have learned how to incorporate what works for me into my home with ease.  Now, I understand the importance of nourishing myself and taking care of ME, so that I not only feel good, but I also lead by example for my three daughters.  I highly recommend Elise to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their health and wellbeing that will last a lifetime.

Heidi, Thoughtful Mother of Three Nourished Daughters

A warm, appreciative, and heartfelt thank you from the whole Georgetown Lululemon Run Club for Elise's tasty and inspiring Sunday, Post-Run Good Eating Series.

I have a natural, innate ability to recognize the 'real deal' when it is present! Elise is an amazing representation of the sport running, and for holistic well being.  Not only would I like to call attention to the voluntary hours she spent with me and run club, but, I would also like to speak to the joy and passion with which she approaches and teaches wellness. Elise's good, good energy flows through in her delicious food preparation as well as her word/teachings. I have had several runners tell me that because of Elise's influence over the last month, they are now consciously eating for better performance and seeing results!

Part of my actual job description at Lululemon is to 'elevate the world out of mediocrity'. Elise, thank you for assisting me with my work while touching bodies and souls at the same time.

Trish, Georgetown Lululemon Run Club

Working with Elise has been an eye-opening experience that completely changed my perception of food.  Before I met Elise, healthy eating was “what do I need to do to stop eating”.   With the information I’ve learned, I’m now able to buy, cook and eat foods that are loaded with nutrients my body needs.  I’m so fulfilled eating great, healthy, and satisfying foods, I never find myself thinking about (or craving) foods I shouldn’t eat.  Elise has helped me to gain confidence in selecting foods I know are good for me.  I feel great, energetic, ready for anything.  Thank you Elise, you have completely changed my life.

Stacey, Transformed Client & Consultant

Elise and I have been friends for years, and she has always offered quiet encouragement when it comes to my nutrition and exercise.  Even though I have been an avid exerciser and a good eater, over time, my energy level decreased which made me feel like something was just off.  Elise suggested I go 'green,' start juicing and revamp my diet.  I attended Elise's GET UP & GREEN workshop, and then worked with her one-on-one to come up with a personalized plan. I realized I was nutritionally starved and with her encouragement, I have regained an incredible amount of energy, glowing skin, and even lost a couple of pounds.  The best part is that I have been liberated from counting fat and calories.  I eat what I want with no guilt involved... and for me, that now means nothing processed, tons of greens, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fresh juices.  Elise shared her inventive, delicious and beautiful recipes, and I share them with my family and friends.  She has changed my life drastically, and now I have the energy and focus I need to succeed.  Elise is my inspiration!

Melissa,  Transformed Client & Devoted Yogi

Working with Elise was one of the best things that we've done for our overall health and wellbeing at Gerlein Orthodontics.  Elise came to our office and educated all of us on how to integrate healthy habits to become lifestyle choices that we make every day.  It was eye opening to realize that simple changes can have big results; her message has been life changing for all of us.  Who would have thought that making healthy choices could be fun, yummy and affordable? But most importantly, these new habits make us feel so much better: energized, fit and of course, healthy!  Thank you, Elise, for inspiring us and changing the way we look and feel.

Eduardo Gerlein, DDS, MMSc, Founder Gerlein Orthodontics

Thank you for a wonderful day beginning with a pantry makeover and concluding with an enlightening visit to the grocery store.  We are already implementing the changes within hours of getting together. My son, Noah, wants oatmeal with strawberries, maple syrup and cinnamon tomorrow... And, my other son, Sammy, said he loves this "nourished life food"! Elise, if you were hoping to make a difference in the world with your work, you can check this day off as a great one! As a result of your Ignite Your Life Intensive Program, I feel so empowered to make a shift and impact with our family's nutrition and health.

Louise, Active Mother of Two Adorable Boys & Yoga Teacher

Elise has absolutely changed the way I think about food and fitness.  Rather than making eating healthy an exercise in self-denial, she fills your plate full of delicious & nutritious food. Rather than thinking of working out as punishment, Elise is great at suggesting enjoyable and innovative ways to stay active & fit. Most importantly, she can help you think about becoming healthy in a new way so that you'll be motivated & inspired to truly nourish your whole self.

Hannah, Transformed & Grateful Client

Thank you so much for the amazing follow-up notes. I love that you outlined the small changes which have already had such a big impact. The past couple of weeks have made a huge difference in my energy level and overall well-being.  The month long intensive is exactly what I needed... I knew I had to make a few changes, but I would never have done it without your simple, clear, organized encouragement. Our whole family is benefitting from the better habits you introduced.

Meg, Mother to Two Teenage Girls & Montessori Teacher

Elise inspired me to finally get everything with my health in alignment. From a solid workout schedule and newly formed eating habits, I gracefully recreated myself and feel like a champion in my body. She's a true inspiration and an exemplification of excellence on her own healing journey.

Robert, Artist & Devoted Yoga Practitioner

I have had the privilege of working with Elise Museles over the last few months. She is a true inspiration in every sense of the word. Elise has helped me make much needed lifestyle changes with gentle yet firm (and fun) encouragement every step of the way. Her individualized coaching, endless resources and thorough follow-up have been exceptional. Elise's incredible knowledge base combined with her thoughtful and enthusiastic approach has made this journey so rewarding!

Diane, Gourmet Cook & Mother of Three

I just finished Elise’s nutritional program to tweak my current diet and I loved it! I'm a personal trainer and Pilates instructor and I was just looking to lose those last few pounds I've been struggling with over the past few years. I'm in great shape and I eat relatively healthy. Elise’s program really took it to the next level for me. She taught me that I needed to add more proteins and greens to my diet and have real foods for snacks. I especially love all of the recipes and options she shared with me. I also really enjoyed the meal planning tips because they have helped me prepare for my healthy eating during the week. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to achieve any goal be it big or small. Thank you, Elise, for everything thus far and I look forward to our continued success.  

Melissa, Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Before I met Elise, I thought that since I exercised all the time, I didn’t have to worry too much about what I ate.  Honestly, I consumed lots of sugar and very few little veggies. I was constantly bloated, fatigued and sick.  Then, I learned so much valuable information from Elise. I slowly changed my diet to incorporate green drinks and other whole foods, such as quinoa and nuts, and in turn, lost my desire for all the processed foods that I was eating. Most importantly, I learned to tune in to how my body reacted to certain foods, and I started to listen.  I no longer feel bloated,and in the five years since I have changed my diet, I have not been sick. I do allow myself lots of yummy treats which means that I never feel deprived. I realize that it’s all about balance, which I think is the most important concept I learned from Elise. I can't thank Elise enough for changing the way I eat and in turn how I feel … every single day.

 Beth, Personal Trainer & Mother of Four

Elise Museles is deeply committed to her body and mind. She practices what she preaches. She can inspire, enlighten, challenge, and activate a new way to live without pain, reduced stress and awaken a new model for daily living through conscious food choices and mindset shifts. If you want to explore how to live your potential and show up as your most vibrant self, Elise is your “it girl”. She offers a fresh, life-changing experience in the modern world.

Ami, Charitable Foundation Executive Director & Avid Runner

Working with Elise has fueled my interest in how my mind and body are connected and how my evolving relationship with food affects my entire life. I realize now that my emotions are probably affecting my lifelong digestion issues. I've always known that my emotions affect the my food choices, but I hadn't really considered how even when I'm eating ‘healthy,' my digestive function may not follow suit. You were so insightful when you pointed out that I have stressful thoughts about food and how those thoughts impact my feelings and ultimately the way that my body functions. This is the first time that I have worked on changing my mindset to heal from the inside out. Amazing!

Barbara, Enlightened First Grade Teacher

I am beyond thankful Elise came into my life. Over the past few months with her generous guidance & support, I learned so much more about food and REAL EATING! I have had a blast 'creating a feast' in my kitchen. Cooking & Eating has become an EXPERIENCE! I enjoyed it even more because of the time & love I put into the preparation. The greatest gift came when my husband, who hadn’t been involved in any of my creations, decided to participate in the lunch prep with the fresh LIVE FOOD in our kitchen. My husband has gone through a triple-by-pass due to poor nutrition and health choices. To be an example and show him better choices to manifest better health was my number one goal... and I achieved it!  This has been a lifestyle change and I am forever grateful to Elise. Mil Gracias! 

Leda, Health Coach & Inspiring Wife

I am fortunate to be the beneficiary of two of Elise's areas of expertise. As a yoga classmate, she is an inspiration, making even the most challenging poses look effortless. That was my first introduction to Elise. Earlier this year I came to know her as a nutritional health coach as well. For the most part, I already had a pretty sound knowledge of the basics as far as nutrition and good eating habits go - but Elise has helped to expand that knowledge exponentially. I have attended a program Elise put on with another nutritionist, have been a participant in a teleseminar when she interviewed one of her mentors, and have heard her speak several times in a group workshop setting. I also read Elise’s insightful weekly newsletters and religiously download the innovative recipes. And last but not least, I have had informal tutorials when our schedules have overlapped at Whole Foods. I now feel healthier and just better, with considerably more energy. Now, if I could just stand on my head...

Carol, Specialty Trust Advisor & Devoted Yogi Practitioner

Elise Museles is passionate about a healthy lifestyle. She puts her heart and soul into her beliefs. She is creative and innovative in her approach to share her passion with others. Her workshops are informative, well prepared, and structured to make participants want to rush right out and begin to practice what she preaches.  

Mildred, Community Leader & Role Model for Healthy Habits


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