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Project Food Story Form


If you’re interested in the Project Food Story 1:1 Program, this is the place to begin.

Once you’ve completed this easy-breezy application, we’ll zip a few emails back & forth to ‘meet’ each other (hello!). You’ll also have an opportunity to schedule a complimentary chat with me (about 15 minutes or so) to see if this private experience is a match for you.

Ready, set… go!

Tell me about your health, nutrition & lifestyle goals:

For example:
“I want to lose weight, and feel comfortable in my body.”
“I want to simplify my relationship with food.”
“I want to stop worrying so much about ‘messing up’, and just enjoy my life!”

One last question: what would feel like a miracle right now?

Working with Elise has led me to a complete personal revolution... Elise taught me how to listen to my body, quiet my mind, and make informed, nourishing choices about what I eat. I feel better than I ever have before, I feel fueled for my workouts, and my dark circles have disappeared completely. I feel vibrant and nourished, and best of all… I love what I see in the mirror.

Leslie, Triathlete & Hard-Working Consultant