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When Perfect Is Not So Perfect

If you consider yourself A Control Freak, Type A, Classic Overachiever or Total Perfectionist, then this post is for you! I’ll admit it.  I picked this very topic of perfectionism to write about because it hits close to home. Let me explain. For years, I searched for the “perfect” diet, relying on books to dictate […]

7-Day Go Green Challenge

Ready-set-go green!  I know, I know…enough with the greens already.  But, it’s time to step it up and partake in the 7 -Day Go Green Challenge.  With the array of fresh, crisp leafy greens crowding the produce aisles right now, there are no acceptable excuses as to why you’re not able to get your green […]

Brain Food for Thought

I have the memory of an elephant. I used to remember every single phone number that I called before the days of speed dialing. Faces, places, names. No problem. But where did I put my keys or leave my Blackberry? And did I take my vitamins today? Does this happen to you? Do you oftentimes […]

Hydrate Now With These Juicy Recipes

It’s hot out! And even if you’re blessed with living in a climate that is not experiencing soaring temperatures accompanied by horrible humidity, you still need to think about staying properly hydrated. How many times have you been told to drink your “eight a day”? And, if you’re thirsty (which means that you’re already dehydrated), […]

Just Do It…For Yourself

It’s Friday afternoon and your colleague looks exhausted so you say, “Hey, take the rest of the day off. I’ll cover for you!” But when you are barely functioning on four hours of sleep, you tell yourself you’re slacking. Your sister is a new mom with her hands full, so you treat her to a […]

A Little Ray Goes A Long Way

While growing up in California, I used to compare tan lines with my best friends.  And, whoever was the “tannest” became the glowing envy amongst us. That was then. Even if you don’t deliberately soak up the rays anymore (or “lay out” as I called it in high school), there are those moments when you […]

The Best Kept Nutritional Secret

Like many of you, I have been exposed to dozens, maybe hundreds, of dietary theories.  We all know by now that eating greens and moving our bodies is helpful in achieving optimal health.  But did you know that how you eat (and what you think) is equally important? What if you could increase your metabolic […]


What is CSA? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an amazing initiative that has actually been around for the last 20 years but has recently become a popular way for savvy, green-conscious consumers to eat local, seasonal food directly from the farmer. The idea is simple: you pay a farmer for a portion of the harvest […]

Cheers to Chia

Move over flax and hemp seeds, there is a new “it” seed in town that has the health conscious community talking. Yes, you guessed it— it seems that chia seeds have taken the lead. This small seed produces big benefits.  Aside from being a nutritional powerhouse filled with an easily digestible form of protein that […]

Drawing the Line at Pink Slime

No one diet works for everyone. With our unique genetic makeup and individual taste, we cannot all thrive on the same thing. Yet, it seems like every day, there is a new super food or hot diet trend that does wonders for our collective overall health and well-being.  Sure, some people feel energized and wonderful […]

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