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Resolutions Made Simple: What’s Your Word for 2015?

by Elise Museles

ResolutionsWith the holidays in full swing and 2015 barely a champagne toast away, it’s the perfect time of year to reflect.

Maybe that means reviewing what worked in this last trip around the sun… and thinking about what didn’t. Or contemplating the obstacles you faced, and the odds you beat.

You might try to predict what’s to come and set a new tone for 2015, filled with meaning and purpose.

Need a little nudge in the right direction?

Introducing… the word game (a.k.a. My favorite holiday tradition!). 

Think: New Year’s Resolutions, abridged.

All you need to do is pick ONE word to guide you in the 365-day journey ahead.

My own words have varied from year to year, but have always served as a powerful reminder shaping the twelve months to follow.

One year I chose SAVOR, and I vowed to ditch the mindless eating, mindless talking and mindless living, and tune back in to the deliciousness of life.

Last year? SIMPLIFY. I traded in over complication & over thinking for SIMPLIFICATION. I cut back on the too long blog posts (Hey, did you notice?), elaborate dinner parties, stuffed-to-the-brim suitcases, and detail-oriented everything to allow for more spaciousness & relaxation. I always heard the reminder to SIMPLIFY…and it worked!

As I pondered what word to choose for 2015, I felt incredibly indecisive. And ironically, indecision has been somewhat of a theme in my life lately. As I watched myself begin to get caught up in the swirl of anxiety, however, I suddenly heard a loud authoritative voice say, “Elise, just TRUST.”

And a wave of calm came over me.

Because I realized that deep down—when I get quiet and still enough to listen—I actually always know the answer.  

I know when my body is craving an exhilarating run…and when it needs a nap.

I know when a project lights me up inside…and when it leaves me feeling drained and depleted.

I know who I am, how I want to feel, and what I want my life to look like.

And I’m willing to bet you do, too.


Despite what we’ve been taught to believe, our intuitions can be trusted.  And when we stop focusing so much energy second-guessing each and every decision, we show up much more powerfully in the world.

So in 2015 I commit to TRUSTing—myself, my instincts, and the Universe more than I ever have before.

What about you?

What word symbolizes how you want to show up and what you want to create in 2015?

What do you want to focus on? What habits are you finally ready to break?

And once you choose, I want you to TRUST that it’s the absolute right decision.

Ready to declare your word? Go ahead and post it in the comments below.

Because your words have power, and so do you. And by sharing your intention in this supportive space, you’ll get a running start on a nourishing & magical New Year.

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