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Making & Breaking the Rules:

My Food Story

I’m Elise Museles, an attorney turned certified eating psychology & nutrition expert. Through Kale & Chocolate, I’ve helped thousands of women change their food stories… but before I could support others, I needed to rewrite my own Food Story.

The tale running my life? The endless quest to eat “perfectly.”

I know that if I’d discovered my own personal “Elise” when I was struggling with self-criticism & deprivation, it might have saved me decades of unnecessary suffering.

I can’t go back in time & change my path. And thank green leafy goodness—because if I did that, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be able to see, feel & grasp your particular flavor of pain. And I wouldn’t be able to help you… let it go.

This is my Food Story. (And if you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet that you have a Food Story to tell.)

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been fascinated with food, nutrition & exercise.
OK, let’s be honest: “fascinated” is probably the understatement of the century.

It would be more accurate to say that I was obsessed with figuring out how to eat, drink, sweat & stay slender and “healthy.” I studied voraciously, read every book on the shelves, and yep — tried every diet under the sun.

With all that knowledge, you’d think I’d have found the “perfect” recipe for health & happiness—right?

Not even close.

One of the problems was that the more I studied, the more confused I became. After all, one book said to kick carbs to the curb, while another declared that whole grains were your best friend. One guru proclaimed that meat was the devil, while another declared that broiled chicken was the secret to a bikini-ready body. Others advised going raw. Or eating like a Parisian, a Greek, or a Caveman. (Complete & total madness!)

But there was something else going on for me, too—a problem that was bigger & deeper than “information overload.”

My search for the “perfect” diet was getting out of control—sapping away at my energy, my self-esteem, my whole quality of life.

Despite my best efforts, I didn’t love my body. I didn’t even like myself. And although I was eating the cleanest diet on the planet, I was living in a state of chronic stress & anxiety—stricken with panic about “screwing up,” with every bite.

I’d lost touch with my ability to nourish myself—or even trust myself.

Like a rubber band that can’t tolerate another millimeter of tension, I hit my breaking point—and realized that the stress of eating “perfectly” was crushing me.

It was time to toss out the library of diet books. Time to listen to my body—not the latest celebrity “expert.” Time to create a life I could relish—and really, deeply savor.

It was time for a new Food Story.

So, step-by-step, I started to dig up the reasons why I made eating and self-love so complicated, and held such negative attitudes around food. I finally released the hunt for the “perfect” diet and stopped beating myself up when I couldn’t live up to my own unrealistic expectations. Instead, I focused on finding joy in whole, nourishing foods.

When I did that… everything changed. Food became a delicious source of nourishment, instead of an ordeal. I became kinder to myself. Those stubborn extra pounds finally dropped off effortlessly because I stopped putting my body through the constant stress of worrying about every morsel on my plate.

By shifting the story, my life transformed.

Now, I want to help you let go of the tired-out tales that are no longer serving you and learn to approach food from a place of peace & pleasure.

I promise: you do not have to starve, restrict or punish yourself in order to have a healthy body, a full life & a happy heart. I should know.

If you’re ready for a new Food Story (and incidentally a new relationship with food & body), I’d love to be your guide. We can work together privately, in a lively group program, or you can begin by exploring the stories & advice on my blog.

You might be skeptical. You might even be terrified. But know this: a new delicious world full of freedom, ease & fun awaits—and it’s yours for the taking.

Here’s to Food Stories that nourish our bodies & soul,

Elise Museles

Professional Credentials

  • I published my first book Whole Food Energy (Barron’s Publishing, January 2016)
  • My advice has been featured on Women’s Health, Mind Body Green, The Daily LoveWashington Well + BeingWTOP Radio, and other top lifestyle and nutrition blogs.
  • My recipes and writings are included in the bestselling books GutblissThe Microbiome SolutionThe Naughty Diet, Real Fit Kitchen, and The Best of Rebelle Society, Volume I.
  • I am an active member of the Environmental Working Group Board of Directors, one of America’s leading health and wellness organizations.
  • I developed a program and secured a grant (2 years in a row!) to teach my workshop, Cook INN Together, at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • I hold degrees & certifications from the following institutes:
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of California at Berkeley
    Juris Doctor Degree, George Washington University, School of Law
    Certified Holistic Health CoachInstitute for Integrative Nutrition
    Certified Eating Psychology CoachInstitute for Psychology of Eating
    Certificate in Integrative Nutrition, Purchase College, SUNY
    Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, Cornell University

Working with Elise has led me to a complete personal revolution... Elise taught me how to listen to my body, quiet my mind, and make informed, nourishing choices about what I eat. I feel better than I ever have before, I feel fueled for my workouts, and my dark circles have disappeared completely. I feel vibrant and nourished, and best of all… I love what I see in the mirror.

Leslie, Triathlete & Hard-Working Consultant


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